Beef is healthier than Chicken!

If you were ever curious which was healthier Beef or Chicken, you would probably get a misleading or wrong answer!

I did a quick search on google and it presented me with this tidbit of information:



Let’s examine the Myths!

Myth #1.  Fat is bad for you.

Myth #2.  Cholesterol is a cause for heart disease.


I like to start my topics with a bit of arrogance.  Chances are you are improperly educated. :^)

That’s because what we are taught – is false.  Many prestigious doctors and health experts have spoken up regarding these myths.  Still, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Once people go through a formal “health education” – they are never wrong.  So you cannot convince them about health.  I recommend that people don’t just blindly accept everything your teacher, doctor, or nurse tells you, investigate for yourself – trust but verify!

Skinless white meat chicken is normally considerably lower in calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat than most cuts of beef. On the other hand, beef normally contains more potassium, zinc, and choline than chicken.




The American Heart Association recommends eating more chicken than red meat based on the fact that excessive red meat consumption has been shown to raise the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Well how much of this statement is actually true by the AHA?

One thing I want to point out here is the use of the word excessive.  That word is a qualifier, if you remove that word will this sentence becomes less true?

Just to quantify this a little bit, everything you can consume in excess is harmful. So there needs to be a better correlating statement issued by the AMA.

After-all I have already pointed out Myth #2 – Cholesterol is a cause for heart disease. (It’s not!)

Let’s dig a little deeper, but while we are at it, we are going to Trust but Verify!


So in the spirit of Ronald Regal lets proceed.

I did a quick search for: “american heart association cancer red meat” and clicked the first (usually most relevant link)

Let’s read,

“Processed red meat commonly contains sodium, nitrates, phosphates and other food additives, and smoked and grilled meats also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, all of which may contribute to the increased heart failure risk,” said Alicja Wolk, D.M.Sc., senior author of the study and professor in the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden“Unprocessed meat is free from food additives and usually has a lower amount of sodium.”

The Cohort of Swedish Men study — the first to examine the effects of processed red meat separately from unprocessed red meat — included 37,035 men 45-79 years old with no history of heart failure, ischemic heart disease or cancer.


First, I would like to point out that the correlations made in this article were purely statistical.  There is no reason for me not to trust that research, but apparently, I have no reasonable way of verifying it.

Though, I would like to point out the problem with statistics:

Second, they aren’t correlating this to cholesterol? AH HA!

So what your saying is that PROCESSED red meat is more unhealthy than chicken?  But we can choose to eat unprocessed meats…  Aren’t unprocessed chicken and beef options both worth considering?

Since the question we are really trying to answer is which is better, can’t we consider both unprocessed beef and chicken? Let’s rephrase our question:

Which is healthier Unprocessed Beef or Unprocessed Chicken?  Well apparently, unprocessed beef cannot be linked to heart disease, and since it has more potassium, zinc, and choline than chicken it would seem to have the upper hand.

Granted it seems unfair that I did not take time to explain the Myths, but that I’m afraid, I’ll have to do another day 😊