What do I think about DACA?

What do I think about DACA?

Today I was asked that question, but I didn’t take much time to think about it.  I heard rumblings in the news and saw a consistent flow of memes being posted on my Facebook.  So I knew of it but I really hadn’t put much thought into it.  I was even surprised to see that Facebook was suggesting this as a political view before I even knew much about it.

It seems very obsessive of Facebook to suggest labeling me with left-oriented politics, I would be offended to have this posted on my wall.  Not because I have made up my mind about DACA but because this is just an angle that the main stream media is playing to make Trump’s program for America seem like a downward spiral, and to oppose all conservative politics.

But I am even more offended that we live in an age where companies have enough power to control ideas, Facebook and YouTube are helping left-oriented ideas flourish, while suppressing conservative ideas.  This is an Information war being waged on the world, and the struggle is over your mind.

YouTube for example has been doing a mass demonetizing of videos on YouTube, and many people are complaining.  If one of your videos contain what they consider to be “politically incorrect”, all of your videos will get demonetized.  And I have seen many instances where the decision to demonetize videos was wholly unjustified, and seemed to serve a deep state agenda.  Personally, I believe this is all part of the deep state agenda to portray patriotism as racism, because patriots are what constitutes Trump’s base.

But what about DACA?  Well I haven’t really looked into it that deeply, I have watched a few episodes of Tucker, and Hannity who I pretty much align with 90% of the time.  For example, Katherine Mangu-ward a DACA supporter interviewed on Tucker


Her position is that DACA – “Dreamers” help make America Great by stimulating growth.  Perhaps there is truth is some of that but when Tucker asked the question, “Should you prefer to Hire an American, over an Illegal immigrant” – if they are both equally qualified?

Katherine’s response was in my opinion a non sequitur – relating to protectionist policies and jobs overseas being not morally distinguishable from domestic jobs.  Well I would tend to disagree with that on several fronts, and in my opinion you should absolutely prefer American workers first.  In-fact I would prefer that all people abusing Obama’s DACA policies be fired from their current position and their jobs be given to people who are currently here on a H1B or other related Visa status.

I would also like to point out that because the immigrants are here Illegally, whether it’s by choice or not, if they were working, thereby stimulating the economy, that stimulating effect, would be artificial, because of the fact that they ARE illegal, and will probably one day likely be deported anyway whether or not the laws go into effect to have them deported now or later, it will eventually happen.

But we have invested a lot into the “Dreamers”, most of them have been through college, and many valuable resources were spent on providing that education, etc… While true, on the other side of the coin is the message being that you can take advantage of our system, and anyone can come to the United States illegally.

First, it does not benefit the “Dreamer” to live in fear of deportation, that fear is what allows companies to take advantage of them, and make them work under the table, for lower wages.  That fear is what keeps them from having benefits.  It also does not help the “Dreamers” psychological state, that they know that they are doing something which is illegal, and taking advantage of it regardless of the facts.