Election rigging in California 2016 Presidential Election

I live in Fremont, CA., and on election day I went into my local polling location and when I arrived an old Chinese lady sitting at the table asked to present my Photo ID.  They looked my name up and then asked me, if I brought my mail in ballot?  I was quite stunned by that question, I wasn’t expecting that question, it really threw me off. I thought maybe I forgot to do something… But it struck me as odd because I have voted in the past in other states and that was never asked.  I certainly did not intend to send a mail in ballot when I arrived at the polling location.  I also did not recall anything about a mail in ballot when I registered to vote for the 2016 election.  So I politely answered the lady, “No, I don’t have a mail in ballot.”

So she told me that I could fill out the ballot, but asked me not to send it through the electronic ballot counting machine and instead they will mail it…  So I hesitantly agreed and went to the line at the booth to fill out my ballot card.  While I was waiting in line another guy was complaining about it, asking the staff lots of questions. I talked to him as well, he claimed to be a resident of California for the last 15 years and that he voted a lot.  He said he never experienced this kind of thing.  He asked why is it that some people are not being asked to send a mail in ballot?  I noticed that too.  Some people would come in, present their photo ID and not a word was mentioned to them about mail in ballots.

He was visibly upset, as was I.  I talked to that man about it, because at that time I had known about there being provisional ballots that were not counted at the DNC primaries.  Apparently some rigging was being rumored about provisional ballots.  I said that a lot of people believe that there was rigging going on at the DNC primaries but that I was not a democrat.  So he and I were very skeptical.

Just as I was thinking about it I had suspected that foul play was taking place.  I had suspected that more republicans were slated as “mail in”.  If Bernie Sanders was being cheated during the DNC primaries then Donald Trump could very probably be getting cheated in the general election.

Later that night as I was watching the votes come in and I noticed that not all of California votes were counted.  Day’s and weeks went by and they still hadn’t been counted.

In fact it has been reported that over 3 million provisional ballots were not accounted for in California.  Are they all republican voters?

I can’t say for sure but what I can say is that there are some really striking statistical anomalies that have come out regarding the election results in several states and all of the abnormalities seem to favor Hillary Clinton.  So if you ask me if I believe that Hillary won the popular vote, I will tell you, not even close!