Netflix: Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press (Review)

This whole documentary is liberal cry baby bullshit propaganda.

It was primarily created in an attempt to save the face of Gawker.  It may also be a slight pay back against Hulk Hogan too.

But what I think is less subtle is the liberal propaganda in the film.  At least there are obvious biases that I can detect.

Let’s start with the obvious.  Most of the people commenting/narrating on this documentary have some stake in earning the public’s appreciation of Gawker.

1st there is Nick Denton (a Gay man) and obvious liberal-

This is the guy who sought to damage the reputation of Billionaire Peter Thiel which ended up working against him.

They attempt to claim that Peter Thiel’s bankrolling hogans lawsuit was somehow an attack against the media’s free-speech.

The film is attempting to build a perception that Gawker was not acting immorally as a news organization when publishing Hulk Hogans sex tape on the web for ALL to see.  Their justitification- because they published lots of borderline controversial news in the past, such as with Hillary Clinton email scandal, etc…

It starts with them attempting to justify their blatantly obvious infringement of Terry Bollea ( aka. Hulk Hogan) personal rights and privacy.

Also, in this documentary they are claiming that its news organizations being attacked, and that “freedom is on trail” for the media.

Because they should be allowed to publish any kind of news… I do think that there is an infringement on freedom but the victims are the american people, not the news agencies.

In fact, I think news agencies are guilty of using brainwashing techniques to elicit a behavioral response from Americans.

Back in 2002 the DHC released an advisory system, and the news media displayed this information along with the news during the Bush administration.


Many Critics accused the bush administration of using this Color-coded threat system as a way to generate public fear during politically sensitive times, such as in the 2004 election when Bush went for re-election.  Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge told a Washington forum that he sometimes disagreed with the rationale for raising the alert but was overruled by others on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.  In this instance the News is not directly responsible with the brainwashing technique but it was obvious that they were complicit.

In recent times the Obama administration sought to help Hillary Win the election, and they used the same brainwashing techniques by claiming that the polls were reporting favoritism for Hillary.  The idea is that if you get enough people on board with your propaganda even if you are reporting fake polls you can actually influence the election.   But it seemed that Donald Trump had too much momentum to loose this election.  So in my view news agencies like CNN are responsible for running fake news stories every day (even though CNN claims their news is being undermined of-course). But to get into their rational you also have to buy into their propaganda such as with the polling.