Is Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella really all that?

Earnings of Microsoft have started to flatten out.  Now Microsoft hardly makes its money from it’s traditional software products (Windows, Office), most of it’s revenue is coming from its cloud computing business which continues to post strong gains.

Microsoft sold more copies of Windows 7 than there are people in the United States. (Over 350 Million licenses in less than 18 months.)

A lot of his proponents think he is pushing the company in the right direction, at least philosophically.  Microsoft products being open sourced, SQL Server being released on Linux, .Net Core becoming cross-platform.

But were these actually the initiatives of the new Microsoft CEO?  I’m not sure but I’ll bet the answer is no, he was appointed as CEO on 4 February 2014 and .NET Core development was planned ahead of time.  It seems more likely that developer evangelists working at Microsoft diverse most of the credit for this shift in Microsoft’s philosophy.

But even if we do give credit to the new CEO for this “philosophical shift” he has not been bringing in the revenue that Microsoft has historically pulled in.  Perhaps he see’s something down the line for Microsoft that we all cannot?  I guess he will need to demonstrate that.  But from my perspective, he lacks the business sense of his predecessors Ballmer, and Gates.

Perhaps Microsoft has plenty of capital to throw towards the wind.