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  • truedeity 11:21 PM on July 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Coal is not moving the United States backwards. 


    During the 2017 Politicon debate between Ann Coulter and Ana Kasparian, Ana Kasparian argued that the coal industry is moving us backwards.  Also it is often argued by many Democrats that investing in the coal industry is a “leap backwards”.  The problem is that this is not actually true.  First of all what the president wants to do is create job growth in the united states by removing regulations that inhibit the ability of growth in certain sectors.  The energy industry is a huge sector for potential job growth in the United States.  The democrats are basically saying that we need to invest in more “clean” energy.  But there are several misconceptions, the first most obvious misconception is, there are other options.  Actually, there are no other options, we must ramp up coal mining.

    Clean energy can be divided into two categories

    1. Fantasia (Such as zero point energy, etc…  While these ideas maybe theoretically possible “in the future”, there is no guarantee and it is highly theoretical.)
    2. Existing clean/renewable energy such as Solar, and Wind.

    The obvious problem with #1 is we cannot count on this as an energy solution NOW.  Until we actually demonstrate that fusion is possible and can replace petroleum there are no sufficient reason to throw away investments on it.

    The less obvious problem with #2 is that our existing clean energy solutions are not sufficient solutions to replace petroleum and never will be.  The total amount of existing clean energy in the world rests somewhere between 2% and 4%.  That does not even come close to our existing dependency on petroleum.




    It might be worth noting that we are nearing the end of the petroleum age based on the peak-oil predictions of the 1970’s which did not account for a newly discovered method of drilling shale oil.  However, the reality of the end of the petroleum age has yet to sink in.  We are not finding the high quality oil mines that we used to get in the last 150 years.  The reserves are harder and harder to get.  The energy return investment is far lower than cheap oil fields.  We used up most of the easiest to get oil.  The energy return investment has been falling continuously over decades.  It has reached a very low level.  Which is creating epic problems.  We need to invest more and more money into capex exploration, and the demand for crude oil has grown an average of 1.76% per year each year since 1994.

    Once all of the oil has been used up the economy will enter into a thermodynamic collapse.  Our dependency on oil is directly responsible for the growth of petroleum man.  The last 150 years is the age of the petroleum man.  Without petroleum, petroleum man would never have reached the 7+ billion population.  We are still petroleum man, and until we can replace oil, coal, and natural gas we will remain petroleum man.  Wind and solar are not feasible replacements of petroleum.  Not even nuclear energy comes close.

    Just because a thermodynamic collapse of our economy is somewhere over the horizon does not mean we can be prepared for such an event.  In fact, we will not be prepared for it.

    In retrospect Trump is not wrong about creating job growth for the coal industry.  It creates jobs in the united states which is the platform Trump campaigned on.  That does not send us backwards.  It is not like we are “expending resources” to allow for the coal industry to grow.  We are just simply lifting regulations.  The coal industry flourishes by itself minus the regulations that Obama had imposed on it.  Trump has created 50,000 new jobs this year simply by lifting that regulation.  The only thing that can be said intelligibly about the coal industry that has any value, is that it helps to boost the economy.  We are still able to invest in many different sub-sectors of the energy sector, despite growth in the coal industry.

  • truedeity 12:28 AM on July 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Netflix: Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press (Review) 

    This whole documentary is liberal cry baby bullshit propaganda.

    It was primarily created in an attempt to save the face of Gawker.  It may also be a slight pay back against Hulk Hogan too.

    But what I think is less subtle is the liberal propaganda in the film.  At least there are obvious biases that I can detect.

    Let’s start with the obvious.  Most of the people commenting/narrating on this documentary have some stake in earning the public’s appreciation of Gawker.

    1st there is Nick Denton (a Gay man) and obvious liberal-

    This is the guy who sought to damage the reputation of Billionaire Peter Thiel which ended up working against him.

    They attempt to claim that Peter Thiel’s bankrolling hogans lawsuit was somehow an attack against the media’s free-speech.

    The film is attempting to build a perception that Gawker was not acting immorally as a news organization when publishing Hulk Hogans sex tape on the web for ALL to see.  Their justitification- because they published lots of borderline controversial news in the past, such as with Hillary Clinton email scandal, etc…

    It starts with them attempting to justify their blatantly obvious infringement of Terry Bollea ( aka. Hulk Hogan) personal rights and privacy.

    Also, in this documentary they are claiming that its news organizations being attacked, and that “freedom is on trail” for the media.

    Because they should be allowed to publish any kind of news… I do think that there is an infringement on freedom but the victims are the american people, not the news agencies.

    In fact, I think news agencies are guilty of using brainwashing techniques to elicit a behavioral response from Americans.

    Back in 2002 the DHC released an advisory system, and the news media displayed this information along with the news during the Bush administration.


    Many Critics accused the bush administration of using this Color-coded threat system as a way to generate public fear during politically sensitive times, such as in the 2004 election when Bush went for re-election.  Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge told a Washington forum that he sometimes disagreed with the rationale for raising the alert but was overruled by others on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.  In this instance the News is not directly responsible with the brainwashing technique but it was obvious that they were complicit.

    In recent times the Obama administration sought to help Hillary Win the election, and they used the same brainwashing techniques by claiming that the polls were reporting favoritism for Hillary.  The idea is that if you get enough people on board with your propaganda even if you are reporting fake polls you can actually influence the election.   But it seemed that Donald Trump had too much momentum to loose this election.  So in my view news agencies like CNN are responsible for running fake news stories every day (even though CNN claims their news is being undermined of-course). But to get into their rational you also have to buy into their propaganda such as with the polling.




    • John Newman 12:53 AM on July 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I agree! Members of the media literally got on stage and said that everything is news worthy including sex tapes of children under the age of 4 years old which is totally distinguishing news. That’s not news that should be for law enforcement people to follow up on; they are sick individuals and they need to stop deliberately creating new worthy ideas in their own minds.This whole documentary was one huge cry baby attack to defend the media’s right to ruin destroy defame and lie against any person they see fit. Its no surprise to anyone that media deliberately leaks evidence against whichever party they aren’t politically backing. And to turn this into a war against the rich and powerful trying to bully american’s slowly taking away our rights is absolute bullshit. The government hasn’t ever resorted to putting private sexual encounters of people on the internet for all to see. It’s distinguishing to think the media has some right in that domain.

  • truedeity 2:14 AM on July 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Atheism In Hinduism 

    When you ask a Hindu does he believe in God, he will tell you he does.  But this is not the same God that Christians believe in.  The Hindu belief of God, is closer to a “new age philosophy” in that it takes the perspective that “All is one”, and they believe that “The I” is equivalent to God, and that each of us are God.  This is very reminiscent of a modern new-age philosophy.

    Hence the statement of “no lord”, “doctrine of godlessness”, or disbelief in god has been a viewpoint in many of the orthodox streams of Hindu philosophy.

    Christians on the other hand believe in a purpose to existence, justice, and meaning to everything in reality.  The christian concept of God has more purpose and meaning and sense of fulfillment.  God is his own identity, we are not God.

    One reason I am Christian is because there is no other religion where there is an accountability for Sin.  Other religions seem nonsensical to me because of this.

    Let’s take Islam as an example.  The normal person whether good or bad will either go to heaven or hell.  Basically their life is on a scale, if you do more good you will go to heaven and if you don’t you go to hell.  So when you look at the things that they do wrong, they are never held to accountability.

    Whereas in Christianity you’re judged based on your life but you also must atone for your Sins.  Jesus also paid the debt for our sins and we must believe in him.

    Believing that Jesus is God is essential, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one goes to the father except through him.


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