Jesus was ethnically Druze

I just got done watching a new Jesus Documentary, “The Jesus Strand A Search for DNA”

In this documentary a new Blood test was conducted on the Shroud Of Turin.

The conclusion of the test revealed that Jesus was ethnically Druze.

This is a shocker because the Druze people lived near Nazareth 2000 years ago around the time that Jesus lived.

What is also shocking is that this is an Isolated ethnic group this is surprising because the gospels are firm that Jesus is Jewish.  Our entire understanding of Jesus’s role in Christianity is based on the belief that he was Jewish.

In the original Greek writings in the new testament Jesus was referred to as Ioudaios a Greek word that can be translated to describe people who are Jewish, but also people hailing from Judea.  Is it possible that Jesus was Judean but not religiously Jewish.

It’s unlikely.  The Gospels are very clear that Jesus was religiously jewish.  He went with his family for the Jewish holiday of Passover. His followers called him rabbi. Most importantly Jesus’s Jewish identity was part of him being recognized as the Messiah.  For him to fulfill that prophetic destiny Jesus had to be Jewish.

The researchers in the documentary went to Isreal to meet with some of the native Druze population to conduct a simple DNA test.  While conversing with a Druze family we learned a little history about the Druze.

  • The Druze people migrated to Judea from Egypt.
  • The Druze people incorporate aspects of all 3 major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (Islam’s Isma’ilism)
  • You cannot convert to Druze.  The only way to be a Druze is if your mother/father are Druze.  (But it is important to note that the Druze did not formalize their faith and close off the group until the 11th century 1000 years after Jesus lived)