White Privilege And Other Politics 

Does White Privilege Exist?

Do white people feel more privileged than any other ethnic group? I think this notion stems from there being a divide between different ethic groups that are separated by income. Here are some statistics that show the divide by income and race-


Why are there fewer Whites and Asian poor people than other race/ethnic groups?  This divide has caused some people to take the position that White people somehow think they are entitled more than other groups.

Personally I think the issue is a little more complex than just white’s are privileged, but this is a good starting point to form a discussion.

I certainly know that some individuals believe they are more privileged than others but to paint such a broad brush seems unfair.  Though, I would hate to point out my own double standard because people do this with Muslims and the worshiping of Islam.

I may not have known until Today after watching an interview with Paul Joseph Watson and Syrian Girl that the so-called Islamic threat stems from the Wahhabi sect which is where Syrian Girl claims 90% of all the brutality of Islam originates.

Although this has nothing to do with the topic, and you (the reader) have little knowledge about my political and world views since I have not blogged in well over 5 years.  Perhaps you will get a taste of that now?

So getting back on topic, I think that it not only paints a broad brush, but as Ben Shapiro points out, reverse racism it is-


I started watching this but 15 minutes in my headset died so it’s difficult to dive much deeper than Ben has and I don’t think I would be able to contribute much else than what he has already addressed in regards to White Privilege.

But for no real reason I will segue it to this, racism is defined as a belief that one race is superior to another race.

What could an example of superior be?  If I say white people are more superior at surviving in the cold weather than black people should you consider that racist? No.

When we are talking about racism, we must distinguish objective realities from hate oriented rhetoric.

And right now I view this notion of this White Privilege concept  as a form of racism in the same category as hate oriented rhetoric.  These statistics of poverty, grouped by race, doesn’t tell you anything about what people believe.

I have seen several debates about this topic and little evidence to the other side.  Just a bunch of racism against white people…

Which brings me to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been accused of many things

he has been accused of being racist against Mexicans (even though Mexicans are not a race).

he has been accused of being racist against Muslims (even though Muslims are not a race).

Donald Trump has been accused of inciting racism, but I believe that had nothing to do with Donald Trump, and everything to do with the Main stream media.

I have seen so many main stream media reporters on fake news networks like CNN, being intellectually dishonest regarding Donald Trumps racism.

Now, it has come out through Wikileaks that CNN worked with the DNC to push liberal-propaganda that would favor Hillary Clinton in the election.


It’s obvious now that all of the “juice” against Donald Trump with the so-called sexual assault accusers just turned out to be a bunch of hot-air too-

  1.  Jessica Leeds accused a young Donald Trump of groping her in first class on a flight from Dallas to New York City on Braniff Air in 1979. Leeds said young multimillionaire Trump lifted the armrest to grope her during the flight. Leeds also said if Trump had kept his hands above the waist she might have been OK with it.The armrests on Braniff 727s appear to be stationary, they can’t be raised.“A British passenger on the same plane as Trump and Leeds refuted her claims.  Anthony Gilberthorpe said Jessica Leeds was flirting with Trump and Trump never touched her.”

    Caused over $1 million in alleged damages as broker, has personal problems with ‘alpha males’ published in the New York Times decades ago, her daughter had a VIP meeting with Joe Biden in 2012, and later her story was confirmed as a hox thanks to airplane and flight details.
  2. Rachel Crooks
    “Family friend immediately claimed that Crooks was lying and had never told the “”assault”” story before. Lona Burnstein from Columbus, Ohio, says she knows Crooks’ family. Burnstein’s cousin was married to Crook’s uncle.Burnstein was commenting on Rachel Crooks’ Facebook profile before it was locked down.She continued on her own profile, archived here.Burnstein says Rachel Crooks is a “big baby.”

    Donald Trump “was being nice to her and told her he would contact her for a modeling career and he never did… end of story.””

  3. Natasha Stoynoff – People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff wrote an essay this week about how she was groped by Trump at Mar-a-Lago during an interview in the early 2000s. She is one of four women to make accusations against Trump of unwanted sexual advances.“Donald Trump’s former butler stepped forward to debunk another accuser’s story. Anthony Senecal said the so-called incident with the People magazine hack “never happened.”
    Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, sent a cease and desist letter to People Magazine on Thursday for its fraudulent article on Mrs. Donald Trump.Has rapist fixation, writes like she’s in 50 shades of grey.

    Her lawyer Gloria Allred a Democrat Fundraiser in WikiLeaks emails, tried to kill Romney campaign

  4. Summer Zervos –  a contestant on ‘The Apprentice,’ claimed today that Trump sexually harassed her.Zervos continued to stay in contact with Trump.If Trump did sexually harass Zervos, why would she be reaching out for help with her business by contacting him? Wouldn’t she be afraid and disgusted by him?Currently in progress.  Her lawyer Gloria Allred’s role as a Democrat fundraiser in Wikileaks e-mails and her history of creating thes feminist flavored media stunts to bring down republican poloticains like Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.
  5. Mindy McGillivray – Mindy McGillivray says Donald Trump nudged her at a concert at Mar-a-Lago at a concert on January 24, 2003. She went public with her story this week.There was no such concert at Mar-a-Lago on January 24, 2003.McGillivray claims that when she was nudged in 2003, Trump and his wife Melania were engaged. But a quick Google search proves this is false: Trump proposed to Melania in April 2004. Why didn’t the Palm Beach Post or McGillivray check this obvious detail?  Perhaps because they never bothered to verify a Ray Charles concert at Mar-A-Lago even happened on January 24, 2003. A Getty Images search shows Trump and Melania posing with Ray Charles at Mar-A-Lago … in a photo by Davidoff Photos Studio, created on January 1, 2003, more than three weeks before McGillivray claimed she was “grabbed” at a Ray Charles concert. A Ray Charles concert chronology shows that on January 23, a Ray Charles concert in Seattle was canceled, but nothing was scheduled for January 24.Filed bankruptcy on Nov. 12, 2013

    Melinda Rose McGillivary was booked in Palm Beach County, FL on 5/1/2012 at 2:37 for TRAFFIC OFFENCE DUI ALCHOL OR DRUGS, NEGLECT CHILD – WITHOUT GREAT HARM.

  6. Kristin Anderson – She claims Trump touched her vagina at a club, while sitting alone, in the 1990s.She never came forward until now – three weeks outside of a national election.Kristin Anderson was paid off over 100,000 Dollars to do head shots for the Trans American/Aegon Group in April 2016 A major Clinton donor!Admits she was sought out by the Washington Post, didn’t care enough to report anything until told to by the Mainstream Media/Washington Post people.
  7. Cathy HellerLife-long democrat, big Democratic donor, and her husband and sun run a New York City real estate development company that is in competition with Donald Trump’s own real estate business, The Trump Organization.  This massive conflict of interest with millions upon millions of dolalrs at stakewas totally unmentioned by the media.  Why didn’t The Guardian disclose her status as a business competitor to Donald Trump when they smeared him with the article?Cathy Heller has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic groups since at least 2007, including Obama and Hillary campaigns, according to FEC filings.This year Cathy Heller has already donated the maximum $2700 to Hillar Clinton’s campaign.  She has been a registered active Democrat since at least 1988, according to Nexis

    Heller’s non-profit, on whoes board she serves, honored Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton in 2014


I need not go on and research the rest of these cases?  What we do know is that all of the accusers have dropped the suit, and no one is pursuing any rape charges on Donald Trump.

These type of things have happened a lot with people who are rich and famous, just look at what happened to Bill Cosby, there were obviously many women who are just after the money, and were definitely not raped by Bill Cosby.

I think the trial is still on-going but much of what I have seen seems to point to favor Bill in the innocent category.  Despite what we have learned from the Main stream media, and the image they have painted regarding this case.


I guess that just goes to show you some things people blindly accept, of course Charles Manson was crazy, but was he guilty?  I can tell you he was found guilty, but if you watch the hours of parole hearings, and interviews, there is a different story being told than what the main stream media has presented.  Am I saying that Manson is not guilty?  No.  To be honest, I have not even decided for myself totally, but I believe that remains to be an open question and yet the case is closed.


The thread i’m building here is this, you can’t just trust whatever filter the media gives you!  I feel like a lot of liberal-minded-democrats are born into this belief that somehow they are the intellectual and moral barometer of society.  I have to admit, I was registered as a Democrat in 2000, and I voted for Al-Gore, and I felt the same way then, but now I am older, more mature, and I have changed my perspective about a lot of things and I no longer see the world through that narrow tube, or perhaps the atmosphere was different and I stayed the same?

Either way, the liberals are loosing their stronghold, and I feel that is mainly due to their being sold by the intellectual dishonesty of the Mainstream media.

Ever since watching Hillary’s America and learning about the History of the democratic party, I have changed my opinion of the democrats, from being a party that stood for some basic integrity, to something now which seems so far away from recoverable that even the NAZI party seems more attractive to me!  Joke.  I’m not a socialist, but Hitler was successful with the NAZI party to revive the German economy, and so much is not talked about Hitler these days because he is considered taboo just like Charles Manson, and perhaps he is another example of a concept we were sold.  I would never have thought this if I didn’t watch, “The Greatest Story Never Told” which paints a completely different world view.  Am I pro-hitler?  No, I haven’t been able to assess what my own opinions are only having watched this documentary a few weeks ago.  But I do keep returning to the question of whether the Media can be trusted?  Can they be?

I don’t think of myself in any extreme category, but I find myself fighting for… Nationalism. And i’m starting to understand the point of certain groups like the Alt-Right, which seems to have a following now that cultivates Nationalism.  Does it make me a Racist if I feel a kindship towards groups like the Alt-right?  I have not joined them, but I could sympathize with their sense of nationalism.  Perhaps, I don’t know enough about the group, the history of it, who runs it, etc… I’m just getting my feet wet.